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The General Practice Residency (GPR) program of the University of Puerto Rico, School of Dental Medicine (UPRSDM) is a fully accredited residency-training program sponsored by the School of Dental Medicine and affiliated to the University District Hospital in San Juan and the Hospital of the University of Puerto Rico in the municipality of Carolina.  The program provides consultation services to all the affiliated hospitals of the Puerto Rico Medical Center, to the Puerto Rico Community Center for Clinical Research on AIDS (PR CoNCRA) and to the Center for Diabetes of Puerto Rico.  The GPR program has been training residents in advanced general dentistry and delivering comprehensive dental care since July, 1988.  It is the only state program providing comprehensive primary, secondary, and tertiary oral health services to the Puerto Rican population and neighboring islands.

The General Practice Residency program is designed to provide advanced training in clinical dentistry and applied basic sciences; and to refine the skills necessary for the generalist to provide comprehensive patient care with a high level of competency for all populations groups.  The program builds on and complements predoctoral dental education.  It provides clinical, didactic, and hospital experiences at the postdoctoral level and prepares the residents to manage total oral health by providing didactic and clinical and experience in the delivery of care to a wide range of ambulatory and hospitalized patients.  The program’s main concerns are the underserved groups, the medically compromised, the elderly, the physically and mentally disabled, and the HIV/AIDS patients.  It is accredited by the American Dental Association as a General Practice Residency. 

  • The goals of the program are the following:To prepare general dentists who will function as the patient’s primary and comprehensive dental care provider and to develop responsibility for continuous oral health care. This includes: providing patient focused care that is coordinated by the general practitioner, directing health promotion and disease prevention activities, and using advanced dental treatment modalities.
  • To prepare general dentists who will plan and provide multidisciplinary oral health care for a wide variety of patients with special needs, the geriatric, and the medically compromised.
  • To prepare general dental practitioners who will eventually join and function effectively as part of a healthcare team within the hospital or other institutionalized healthcare environments.
  • To prepare graduates who will become leaders in academia and community services by understanding the oral health needs of the underserved and the culturally diverse population.
  • To improve the competence and confidence of the graduate in the various clinical disciplines which are an integral component of general dentistry.
  • To provide a strong educational component by applying scientific principles to oral health care.  This includes the use critical thinking, research and statistical evidence, outcome-based critical decision – making, and technology - based information retrieval systems.


Optional Second Year

The University of Puerto Rico School of Dental Medicine offers, to interested first year residents, the opportunity to continue studies leading to a General Practice Residency Program Optional – Second Year Postdoctoral Certificate.  This second year has been designed to provide the residents with the opportunity to design his/her clinical sessions and acquire experience in areas of their own interest.  In addition didactic and clinical courses are offered to confer a level of proficiency in those skills acquired during their previous years of studies.

Didactic and clinical instruction are also provided in practice administration, research and teaching. Residents are required to write a research proposal before graduation and to assume supervisory responsibilities with senior students and first year GPR residents.  The academic year consist of 52 weeks (July 1st to June 30th).


Admission Requirements

Graduates of dental schools accredited by the Council on Dental Accreditation (CODA) of the American Dental Association:

  • A DMD or DDS degree from a CODA accredited institution.
  •  A completed application submitted through the Postdoctoral Application Support Service (PASS).
  • An official transcript of credits from all dental schools attended.
  • An official letter from the Dental School Dean which will include academic ranking in terms of the group and personal qualifications.
  • Three letters of recommendations and evaluation reports, preferably from faculty members that have directly supervised the student’s work as a dental student.
  • Photocopies of the diplomas or certificates received.
  • Photocopy of license or licenses to practice dentistry (only to applicants who have graduated from dental school over one year prior to the date of application.
  • The candidate must be fluent in English and Spanish.
  • A brief 1 or 2 page resume (Curriculum Vitae) should be sent directly to the Office of Graduate Dental Education of the University of Puerto Rico School of Dental Medicine
  • A 2 x 2 photo.
  • Official evidence of having approved the National Dental Boards Part I and Part II.  Applicants must have successfully passed Parts I of the National Board Dental Examination by the program application date.  Part II must be approved before March 15th prior the beginning of the Program.


Graduates of foreign dental schools not accredited by the Council on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association:

  • Submit 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, as above.
  • Diplomas, school transcripts, and all other pertinent documents must be certified as official by the Ministry of Education or similar agency in their country of origin, or by the U.S. Embassy in those countries where these services are available.
  • Diplomas and dental school transcripts must be evaluated by Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. ( The University of Puerto Rico requires two types of evaluations: 1) the general evaluation and 2) the course by course evaluation.  The approval of the National Board Dental Examinations Part I and Part II is waived for foreign candidates.
  • Legal proof of financial support.  An affidavit or sworn statement is required as will as official student’s VISA.  The University of Puerto Rico does not provide scholarships, stipends, or financial aid to foreign students.
  • Foreign candidates are encouraged to participate in the three to six months internships education course or in a similar educational program in an accredited institution.


Application Process

Applications are submitted through the Postdoctoral Application Support Service (PASS) which is a centralized application service sponsored by the American Dental Education Association.  Applications are submitted through the PASS website or by contacting PASS at 617-612-2065 or

All PASS applications are reviewed by the Program Director.  Transcripts and letter of recommendations and National Board scores should be submitted through PASS.  Interviews are granted based upon academic standing, letters of recommendation and personal statement.


Number of Residency Positions

  • First Year: Eight (8) residents.  US residents and foreign citizens fluent in Spanish/English may apply for admission.
  •  Optional Second Year: Four (4) residents.  US residents and foreign citizens fluent in Spanish/English may apply for admission.


Degree Granted

First Year: Postdoctoral Certificate in General Dentistry
Second Year: Postdoctoral Certificate in General Dentistry – Optional Second Year


Curriculum Overview

The GPR Program is provided in the context of patient care, where in the majority of the resident’s time is devoted to the direct delivery of oral health services.  However, the clinical work is supplemented by formal educational activities to assure that the program goals and objectives are achieved and maximum educational value is derived from clinical experiences.

Schematically, the first year program consists of three major components sub-divided into specific activities, as follows:

1. Academic- School of Dental Medicine

  • Lectures - 4 hours / week
  • Seminars - 1 hour / week
  • Journal Club - 1 hour / week
  • Presentation Boards and/or discussion of cases - 1 hour / week
  • Physical Diagnosis course - 3 hours / week - 1st trimester
  • Advanced Pharmacology course - 2 hours / week - 2nd  trimester
  • Conscious Sedation course - 2 hours / week -1st  trimester
  • Geriatrics - 2 hours / week -3rd  trimester
  • Dental Implants
  • New Endodontic Techniques
  • HIV/AIDS Patients Clinical Management

2. Hospital Rotations

  • Anesthesiology - 3 weeks
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery - 2 weeks
  • Internal Medicine - 2 weeks
  • Emergency Medicine - 2 weeks

3. Dental Services

  • Hospital Dentistry Clinics - 3 ½ days per week throughout the year for outpatient and inpatient care.
  • Centro de Diabetes / PR CoNCRA (Community Clinics) / Smile for the Mountain - 1½ days per week for 40 weeks.  Consultations as required by the health services on all institutions the program serves.
  • Operating Room - 2 day per week minimum, depending on availability of cases (University District Hospital and the University of Puerto Rico Hospital)
  • Emergency Room- On-Call Duty (University District Hospital and the University of Puerto Rico Hospital)


Curriculum Program

First Year (see link)

Second Year (see link)


Additional Information

  • Tuition:  In-State Tuition: $5,980.00, Out-of State Tuition: $7,180.00
  • Stipends: Stipends are subject to annual review, but the annual stipend for PGY 1 residents is currently $43,150.00  Annual stipend for PGY 2 residents is $43,771.00
  • Loans: Residents can apply for student loans through the Office of Financial Aid of the Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Puerto Rico
  • Vacation and sick leave are granted at the discretion of the Director of Residency training.  At the present time, residents are entitled to 30 calendar days per year, which should not normally be taken together and should not be taken on off-service rotations.  Sick leave is also granted at the discretion of the Director of Residency Training.
  • Practice privileges and other activities outside the education program: Residents are expected to devote 100% of their professional activities to the program.  Permission to carry out professional activities outside the program is not granted as per resident’s contractual agreement with the University of Puerto Rico.
  • Professional Liability Coverage: Residents receive professional liability insurance to cover them for all activities related to the educational program.



  1. Ramón F. González, DDS, MPH, Program Director, Professor,,  787-758-2525 Ext. 1191
  2. Viviana Acevedo Rodríguez, DMD, Director Department of Dentistry Hospital of the University of Puerto Rico and “Smile for the Mountain Project Coordinator”, Assistant Professor,,  787-757-1800 Ext. 677
  3. Mariela Acevedo, DMD, University District Hospital Clinic Director, Assistant Professor,, 777-3535 Ext. 6408
  4. Yolanda Heredia, DMD, Professor,, 787-758-2525 Ext 2509
  5. Najema Ali, DMD, Centro de Diabetes para Puerto Rico Clinic Director, Assistant Professor,, 787-773-8282 Ext. 237
  6. Xiomara Rivera, DMD, Assistant Professor, Clinical Attending at Centro de Diabetes para Puerto Rico,, 787-773-8282 Ext. 237
  7. Carla D. Rodríguez, DMD, Assistant Professor,, 787-758-2525 Ext. 1191
  8. Robert Cacho, DMD, Assistant Professor, Prosthodontist,, 787-757-1800 Ext. 677
  9. Rafael Hernández, DMD, MS, Assistant Professor, Periodontist,, 787-757-1800 Ext. 677
  10. Victor Fernández, DMD, Assistant Professor, Endodontist,, 787-757-1800 Ext. 677
  11. German Salazar, DMD, Clinical Attending at Centro de Diabetes para Puerto Rico, Assistant Professor, Oral Medicine,, 787-758-2525 Ext. 1047
  12. Ruth Rodriguez, DDS, Assistant Professor, Clinical Attending Puerto Rico CoNCRA,, 787-753-9443 Ext. 20
  13. Uskelia Uzcategui, DDS, Assistant Professor, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon,, 787-758-2525 Ext. 1191
  14. Atilano León, DMD, Assistant Professor,, 787-758-2525 Ext. 1208
  15. José G. González, DMD, Assistant Professor, Periodontist, 787-758-2525 Ext. 1191
  16. Neriam Ortiz, MD, Assistant Professor,,



  1. Hospital of the University of Puerto Rico
  2. University District Hospital
  3. Center of Diabetes for Puerto Rico
  4. Puerto Rico Community Network for Clinical Research on AIDS (PR CoNCRA)
  5. Smile for the Mountain Project (community project sponsored by the Health Resources and Services Administration)


Professional Studies in Dentistry in General Practice Residency

Besides the formal GPR First and Second Year Programs the University of Puerto Rico offers a three to six months professional studies program, which is not conducive to a degree.  Graduates receive a Certificate of Participation.  The program provides interested dentists from Iberoamerica and the Caribbean Basin, didactic and clinical experiences related to the latest concepts, diagnostic methods, modalities of treatment, and surgical techniques in the field of dentistry.  Foreign graduates interested the GPR Program are encourage to apply.



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