The Academic Dental Careers Fellowship Program (ADCFP) was established in 2006 by the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) and the American Association for Dental Research (AADR) with the financial support of the ADA Foundation to encourage dental students to consider career’s in dental education and to provide participating fellows with insights into academic life. On 2016, our School began with this Program. Each year, 3-6 UPR-MSC Dental Medicine students will participate in an 8 – month Academic Dental Career Fellowship Program (ADCFP) conducted in collaboration with the American Dental Educational Association (ADEA). Students work with faculty mentors on the following:
• Interviewing faculty and administrators about academic careers
• Conducting educational research and presenting abstracts/posters
• Teaching in classrooms, labs, clinics and at seminars
• Writing career reflection essays
• Attending to selected Faculty Meetings
fellowship program 2017

On April, application forms will be available for UPR Dental Medicine students with interest on this program.

The contact persons to request ADCFP applications forms are:

Dr. Damaris Molina-Negrón

Dr. Jocelyn Medina-Paneto