Admissions Requirements for the Undergraduate Dental Program.

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Minimum Eligibility Requirements:

Candidates to be considered to the freshman class of the School of Dental Medicine must present evidence of the successful completion of 90 semester hours or 135­ quarter hours in an accredited college or university, including the following courses:

Spanish1 12 Semester Hours – 18 Quarter Hours
English1 12 Semester Hours – 18 Quarter Hours
Biology or Zoology2 8 Semester Hours – 12 Quarter Hours
Physics2 8 Semester Hours – 12 Quarter Hours
General Chemistry 8 Semester Hours – 12 Quarter Hours
Organic Chemistry 8 Semester Hours – 12 Quarter Hours
Social and Behavioral Scs.2 6 Semester Hours –   9 Quarter Hours

(Sociology, Psychology, Political Sciences, Economics, Anthropology or Ethics)

1. In case of applicants who have approved Honor Spanish or English courses with a B grade or above per semester, the Admissions Committee will consider upon request to reduce the requirements to six semester hours.

2.These requirements are in addition to the basic courses required at some schools (ex. the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus). Basic courses in Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences and Social Sciences may not substitute departmental course work.

A minimum grade average of 2.50 (in scale where A=4.00), or its equivalent, both scientific and general is mandatory. All the requirements must be completed not later than the second semester of the academic year prior to admission. At the time of application, all required courses should have a minimum average of 2.0 in each course.

All science courses should include both lectures and laboratory teaching. It is advisable that students choose elective subjects that will enhance their academic background and offer a well-rounded education. Biochemistry or Molecular Biology, Histology, Physiology, Anatomy, Microbiology, Genetics, Psychology and Ethics courses are highly recommended.

Instruction may be in English or Spanish, therefore, all students should be proficient in speaking, reading and writing both languages.


1. The application deadline is December 1st of the year prior to the academic year of admission.

2. The candidate must file the online application of the American Association of Dental School Application Service (AADSAS). Please read all the information and comply with all their requirements. It must be received by AADSAS no later than December 1st.

1400 K Street NW, Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20005

Customer Service: 202-289-7201 or 1-800-353-2237
AADSAS Fax: 202-289-8698

AADSAS Applicats
ADEA AADSAS Application Instructions

3. The candidate must complete the General Application Form from the Medical Sciences Campus. This application form is obtained from the Central Admissions Office of the Medical Sciences Campus. It must be received at that office NO later than December 1st.

4. In addition, the candidate must submit to the Central Admissions Office, on or before the application deadline, the following documents:

a. An official transcript from each institution of higher-learning attended

b. A $20 non-refundable aplication fee. Credit card payments can be made on our website. Payment can be made by mail or on Campus. Follow the instructions posted on this link.

5. The application form for the Dental Admission Test is obtained from the Central Admissions Office or directly from the:

211 East Chicago Avenue, Suite 1846
Chicago, Illinois 60611-2678
Tel. 312-440-2689 or 1-800-621-8099

6. For further information and/or assistance, write to:

Central Admissions Office
P.O. Box 365067
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936-5067
(787) 758-2525, X 5213, 5138, 1113 or 1008


Candidates applying to be considered to the University of Puerto Rico, School of Dental Medicine, are evaluated on four criterions: Academic Performance, Dental Admission Test, Personal Attributes and portfolio, and State Residency. Final decisions is strictly based on competitiveness.

1. Academic Performance

The academic performance is determined by the following:

a.   Academic grade point average during the pre-dental studies with the understanding that a minimum final grade of C (in a scale where A=4.00) is mandatory in every required course.

b.   Scientific grade point average.

c.   The number of repetitions, withdrawal, deficient and failing grades as evidenced in the official transcript.

2. Dental Admission Test

Both averages should be competitive and is recommended that the candidate should obtain a score of 16 or higher in all six divisions of the test in order to be considered competitive. It is highly recommended that the student apply to take the DAT one year in advance to the School’s application deadline so that in case it is necessary he/she can re-take the exam within the application period for that year. The ADA Council in Dental Education requires a 90-day period before re-applying for the test. Dental Admission test results will be valid up to three years with respect to the application deadline.

3. Geographic Residence

The School of Dental Medicine of the University of Puerto Rico was established as part of the commitment of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to improve and safeguard the health of its citizens. The University of Puerto Rico recognizes its responsibility in preparing personnel to meet the dental health needs of the Island. For this reason, initial preference is given to residents of Puerto Rico.

4. Personal Attributes

This is evaluated by means of:

a. Personal interview: The Admissions Committee, after an initial screening of the three factors above, determines which students are to be invited for a personal interview.

b. Academic/Personal Portfolio: The Candidate must bring to the interview a portfolio asserting evidence of the broadness of educational and life experiences. The portfolio is an organized collection of documents that establishes a person’s academic and personal performance and progress, achievements, skills, abilities, contributions and efforts over time.


The School of Dental Medicine will send notice of acceptance or non-acceptance. Final decision is strictly based on competitiveness. The accepted applicant must send his own written acknowledgement of acceptance of admission, together with the required deposit. Within 15 days the student must comply with requirements specified in the letter of admission. The student must preserve this notice and present it at registration time as evidence of admission.

UPR Technical Standards



Admission Official
Yolanda Rivera, (787)758-2525 Ext. 5214, 5215

Psychology and Recruitment Office
Office Number: BB-25
Dr. José Guillermo-Arbona building
UPR – Medical Sciences Campus
Medical Center Complex
Barrio Monacillos
Río Piedras, PR 00936

Counseling Staff
Prof. Luis Ortiz, (787) 758-2525 Ext. 1008

Nydia E. Chéverez Rodríguez, (787)758-2525 Ext. 5138

Ms. Gloribell Rojas
787-758-2525 Ext. 1113


A candidate for admission who is not accepted and decides to re-apply must submit the following documents:

1. A new AADSAS Application Form

2. An updated official transcript

3. Provide any other document that the Central Admissions Office may require.


For information regarding this program contact Dr. Elaine M. Pagan or phone number (787) 758-2525 extension 1113 or 1219.


If you want to know more about the program, click here.

For information regarding this program please contact Dr. José R. Matos Perez at, Mrs. Magdalena Sepulveda at or phone number (787)758-2525 extension 2180.

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