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The Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies Division of the University of Puerto Rico, School of Dental Medicine, has as its mission to maintain and upgrade the knowledge, skills and values of the oral health professionals, promoting the value of lifelong learning, self-assessment and critical thinking as an integral part of professional behavior. The program, responding to the oral health care needs of our population and the needs of the oral health professionals strives to be in the forefront of the provision of continuing education services using the latest instructional methodologies and technology. The Division of Continuing Education contributes to complement the Dental School Mission of teaching, research, and service.

The goals of Continuing Education and Professional Studies Division are:

  • Maintain to the highest degree the proficiency of the practicing dentist and their auxiliary personnel.
  • Maintain to the highest degree the knowledge and teaching skills of our faculty members.
  • Serve as a link between Latin America and the United States to promote knowledge transfer among the oral health professionals in these countries.

Practical Experiences for Puerto Rico Dental Licensure Examination

(A Simulation Manikin Based Laboratory)

This course consist of an orientation and access to laboratory practice for those professionals interested in the Licensure for Puerto Rico, 48 states of the US Nation and the Virgin Islands, given by the ADEX examination for dental candidates administered by CITA. A detailed orientation and a three-day practice in a simulation manikin based laboratory will be available to the participants. Dental and post dental graduates of on ADA or CODA education program are eligible to apply to the review course. This review is being provided to assist candidates who might wish to become familiar with their content and usage and have time to practice in a manikin based laboratory.

Personal DECEP

Dr. Lorna A. Rodríguez Hernández Program Director
Ms. Noemi  Concepción Román Administrative Secretary
Ms. Evelyn Pagán Román Administrative Secretary
Mr. José R. Rodríguez Feliciano Audiovisual Technician


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The Division of Continuing Education of the UPR, School of Dental Medicine is accredited by the  American Dental Association

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