Welcome to the Office of the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs of the School of Dental Medicine.  We are the link with the student and we provide support and services.  It is our purpose to maintain a favorable student environment.

If you need to contact us, you can do it by sending an email to estudiantesdental.rcm@upr.edu.   Our office is located at the first floor in the Medical Sciences Campus building.  Specifically, the office number is A163.


Office Staff

Dr. Ginette M. Izquierdo Rodríguez
Assistant Dean for Students Affairs
Phone: 787-758-2525 x. 1219
Email: ginette.izquierdo@upr.edu

Mrs. Ilmarie Colón
Phone: 787-758-2525 x. 1113
Email: limarie.colon@upr.edu

Mrs. Johanna Rosario
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 787-758-2525 x. 1110
Email: johanna.rosario3@upr.edu

Mrs. Sohé Berríos
Recruiting Officer
Phone: 787-758-2525 x. 5138
Email: sohe.berrios@upr.edu



Electronic Forms

You can use the following electronic forms for different options of services with our office.

  1. Regular Excuse Electronic Form – If the student is absent, he must present an official excuse that is issued by our Office after presenting evidence of the reason for the excuse.
  2. Request for an excuse to be scheduled in advance – Document available  to request an excuse for absences that are not due to unexpected events (illness, accident, etc.), which must be scheduled in advance. For an excuse to be issued, the student must print and send to the office at estudiantesdental@upr.edu the EXCUSE APPLICATION FORM TO BE PROGRAMMED IN ADVANCE completed and signed.
  3. Letter of Recommendation Electronic Form – Form available on the portal for the student or graduate student to request a letter of recommendation and include the necessary documents to prepare it: CV and results of Boards.