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ADEA Academic Dental Career’s Fellowship Program (ADEA/ADCFP)

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ADEA Academic Dental Career’s Fellowship Program (ADEA/ADCFP)

The ADEA Academic Dental Careers Fellowship Program (ADCFP) was founded with the goal of providing students and residents the opportunity to become involved in an academia by providing structured mentoring and insight into what an academic career involves. Through the research requirements and active mentoring for faculty, the program is designed to create a pathway for those who may be considering entering an academic career.  Students work with faculty mentors on the following:
• Interviewing faculty and administrators about academic careers
• Conducting educational research and presenting abstracts/posters
• Teaching in classrooms, labs, clinics and at seminars
• Writing career reflection essays
• Attending to selected Faculty Meetings

On April, application forms will be available for UPR Dental Medicine students with interest on this program.

The contact persons to request ADCFP applications forms are:

Dr. Damaris Molina-Negrón

Dr. Jocelyn Medina-Paneto

The University of Puerto Rico guarantees equal opportunity for its student’s employees and aspirants to study or work at the institution. The institution also promotes equal opportunity for its academic program, services and working conditions. The University does not exclude from participating, nor exclude from its benefits, any person because of reason of age, race, color, place of birth, origin or social condition, physical or mental impediments, sexual preference, political ideals or religion.

Aprobado por la Comisión Estatal de Elecciones CEE-SA-2020-3174
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