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Dean's Staff

Home / Dean's Staff

Dean's Staff

Home / Dean's Staff

Dr. José R. Matos

Interim Dean

Dr. Mitzy Perez

Interim Associate Dean

Dr. Eliel Melón Ramos

Director of the Center for Informatics and Educational Resources

Dr. Xiomara Rivera

Surgical Sciences Department Interim Director

Dr. Lindanyr Arroyo Calixto

Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs

Dr. Lorna Rodríguez Hernández

Director of Continue Education and Professional Studies Division

Dr. Francis Picon Cunningham

Ecological Sciences Department Director

Dr. Yolanda Heredia Matos

Assistant Dean for Graduate Dental Education

Dr. Augusto Elías Boneta

Assistant Dean for Research

Dr. Damaris Molina Negrón

Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs

Dr. Ginette Izquierdo

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Dr. Dunia Rodriguez Estrada

Restorative Sciences 
Interim Department Director

Mr. Josué Vélez

Executive Assistant for Administrative Affairs
The University of Puerto Rico guarantees equal opportunity for its student’s employees and aspirants to study or work at the institution. The institution also promotes equal opportunity for its academic program, services and working conditions. The University does not exclude from participating, nor exclude from its benefits, any person because of reason of age, race, color, place of birth, origin or social condition, physical or mental impediments, sexual preference, political ideals or religion.

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