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Internship Certificate

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Internship Certificate

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In order to keep up with the dizzying process of change that the modern world is experiencing, it becomes an inescapable requirement for the professional of the 21st century, to renew and expand their knowledge and skills continuously. In this way, it maintains and increases its competitiveness, their standard of living, their sense of self-esteem and their contribution to society.

The University of Puerto Rico, in its mission to provide educational opportunities to all
sectors of the people of Puerto Rico and of an environment that today transcends geographic boundaries, not can only respond agilely and aggressively to this challenge. This complex scenario requires that the University reconceptualize and reformulate its paradigms of delivering instruction to satisfy the needs of a highly diversified student population with an offer academically relevant, innovative, diverse and flexible.

Through Certification No. 190, 2000-2001, “Institutional Policy and Strategic Management for Continuing Education and Professional Studies at the University of Puerto Rico” and the Certification No. 01, 2004-2005, "Implementation of the Institutional Policy and Management Strategy for Continuing Education and Professional Studies in the Science Campus
Medical, as amended”, the enrollment process for non-traditional students is described in the Professional Studies Program of the School of Dental Medicine of the Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Puerto Rico.

1. The oral health professional interested in applying for admission to the Study Program Professionals must submit a letter of intent to the Director of the Auxiliary Dean of Graduate Dental Education. In this office, a file will be created for each applicant in which all the necessary information for its evaluation will be gathered by the Director of the Graduate Program corresponding to the discipline requested.

2. The Director of the Graduate Program will evaluate the applicant's file and determine the acceptance of the applicant to the Professional Studies Program.

3. The Director of the Graduate Program notifies the Director of the Auxiliary Deanship in writing of Graduate Dental Education that the applicant has been accepted.

4. The Director of the Auxiliary Dean of Graduate Dental Education sends a letter to the Registrar's Office informing that this professional has been accepted to the requested course and including its code. This letter also includes the directive that you can proceed with the Visa procedures, in case the applicant is a foreigner.

5. The Director of the Assistant Dean of Graduate Dental Education sends the Director of the Continuing Education and Professional Studies Division a copy of the admission letter, signed by the Dean of the School of Dental Medicine with a copy to the Registrar of the Medical Sciences Campus. If the applicant is a foreigner, the letter of admission must indicate to the applicant that they will contact the Registrar so that this office can initiate the procedure for filing their Visa with the United States Department of Immigration and Naturalization. The student must also provide the Registrar with all their demographic information and economic profile. All documentation required for this purpose will be included in the letter.

6. The Director of Continuing Education sends a letter to the Director of Collections with all the information related to the tuition costs for the student to make the payment.

The University of Puerto Rico guarantees equal opportunity for its student’s employees and aspirants to study or work at the institution. The institution also promotes equal opportunity for its academic program, services and working conditions. The University does not exclude from participating, nor exclude from its benefits, any person because of reason of age, race, color, place of birth, origin or social condition, physical or mental impediments, sexual preference, political ideals or religion.

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